3 Ways Having Cedar Roof Shingles Can Protect Your Home?

There is plenty of roofing materials out on the market, but cedar roof shingles are found to be the best choice for the majority of people. It has been proven in many ways that cedar roofing is one of the more superior quality of wood for roofing. a huge number of people prefer cedar shingles because they not only protect their homes but they can also improve the exterior design of their homes.

Apart from the aesthetics of cedar shingles, the number one reason why cedar shingles are considered to be the best roof material is that cedar is a natural repellent of bugs and insects. Nowadays most homeowners prefer to install cedar shingles as they do not only give a traditional look but it is also found to be suitable for various architectural designs. In general, during the summer season, every homeowner will be using air conditioner excessively in order to avoid the heat but cedar shingles can more efficiently cool your home and save you money on your power bill.

  • There is a simple reason behind this that is when the roofing material is chosen perfectly and correctly then it does not allow your house environment to be heated during the summer season.
  • Another important reason why homeowners use cedar shingles is for their durability, comparing to all other roofing materials a cedar shingles roof lasts for a long period of time.

Whatever the reason when it comes to selling your property the cedar roofing plays an important role where it increases the home property value. Due to this reason now millions of people prefer to install cedar roof shingles in their home.

How Long Do Cedar Roof Shingles Last?

cedar roof shingles

Generally, cedar roof shingles are known for their durability which comparing to all other roofing materials the cedar roof shingles lasts for a longer period of time. Moreover, making a one-time cedar roof shingles installation will make your home last for longer where in this time you can also save your hard-earned money and time just by having cedar roofing in your home. Due to this durability feature homes with high property value are preferring cedar roof shingles where it will also increase the home property value twice as it was before.

The longevity of the cedar roofing depends on several factors that include roof slope and climate usually the cedar roof shingles last between 15 to 40 years. The steep slope cedar roof will allow less damage because the sloping prevents the snow and rain from gathering and causing damage to your wood. But when you choose the flat roofing then it allows the elements to build up and also causes the weight to the structure of roofing and finally damages the wood.

About Installing The Cedar Roof Shingles On Your Home

When installing cedar roof shingles on your home, homeowners sometimes place the new cedar shingles over the existing roofing material. This kind of activity protects the existing roofing material from damages moreover it offers high durability and resists insect damage.

Cedar roof shingles are smooth and it provides the home with a rustic appearance in which the most important thing you need to keep in your mind is that avoid cedar roof shingles installation over damaged roofing materials. Before you begin to do cedar roof shingles installation you need to make sure that you have chosen a fair-weather day also avoid installing the roofing when it is raining. Steps you need to follow for installing the cedar roof shingles at your home. They are.

  • First, apply the building paper to your entire roof deck and place the first roof shingle onto the structure very carefully just to ensure the thick end of the shingle is pointing downwards to the ground.
  • Use 2 rust-resistant nails per roof shingle also make sure that the need is nailed up to 4’’ thickness.
  • Generally, wood expands when there is moisture and when installing the cedar roofing shingle leave at least half-inch of the gap between neighboring shingles

Benefits Of Using The Cedar Roof Shingles

cedar roof shingles
Cedar Roofing
  • The unique feature of the cedar roof shingle from home depot is that they are naturally resistant to the rain and sun where this is the key factor why most people prefer to use cedar roof shingle at their home.
  • Cedar roof shingles are great insulators and they are found to be superior in roofing materials as it gives a much cooler inside during summer months and warm environment during winter months.
  • Cedar roof shingles are treated with chromate copper arsenate so it stops the growth of the fungus and mold and keeps the insect away from the cedar roof.

Cedar Roof Shingles – Protects You From Natural Disasters

If you are in need of natural and long-lasting resources for your roofing and siding then it is best to choose cedar roof shingles at home depot where this will be providing you with the additional insulation. Aside from being the money-saver, cedar roof shingles are found to be the best that adds beauty to your house because not only these roof shingles come in a variety of colours but also come in different styles. The most important thing about these types of cedar roof shingles is that red cedar shingles are very much resilient to earthquakes and other natural calamities and they can lessen the damage done to your from you from these disasters.


There is a wide range of roof shingles materials are out on the market but cedar roof shingles are found to be the superior one among all other roof shingles. So, it is recommended to make use of the cedar roof shingles for protecting your home and to give additional beauty to your home. Comparing to all other roof shingles materials the cedar roof shingle offers high durability and this makes people make the cedar roof shingles to be their first choice when it comes to roof installation.

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