How much amount does it cost to cedar shake house a residence?

Cedar Shake House

  • The length of each panel is a key factor. These are actually frequently 18 ins (gotten in touch with Brilliance) or 24 inches (referred to as Royal span).
  • You can anticipate spending more for Royal sizes while realizing you’ll require even more of Excellence hairstyles to cover the same area.
  • The two primary factors that drive style for cedar shake house are the shade and lower side, likewise known as butt-end, appearance.
  • Shade happens mainly from the type of plant, therefore light-toned (coming from white-colored cedar) or darker (coming from reddish cedar). The density, in addition to various other layout styles, originates from the way it is actually reduced.
  • An additional distinction between tiles as well as shake is actually the density of the lesser edge. Generally, for roof shingles, it remains uniform at 3/8th an in. With a shake, it ranges from half an inch to 7/8ths. Hand-split shake items would certainly at times exceed fullness of 1 in.
  • One of the most common variants of cedar shake seems like all flat-bottom sides, which generates effectively defined horizontal product lines.
cedar shake house

Angular designs classically go away from this consistent strategy. They constantly appear as lower sides that do not straighten. And regularly possess distances that are certainly not precisely the same as drinks that surround it.

At that point comes the variants along with the bottom side. Once more, direct across, or even area is the best common.

The possibilities additionally feature around, fish range, directed, angled, octagonal, and arrow. These elegant cuts normally mean a much higher cost for the material however acquiring in bulk is actually the means to maintain prices down.

There is actually staining, or repainting the shake product. Crystal clear spots keep the natural charm while adding a preventive coating to ward of insects or create the material a lot more resistant to fire.

Due to exactly how labor-intensive discoloration and also paint can be, it is actually may be better to buy a pre-stained or even a pre-primed shake. This won’t automatically be more expensive than non-finished components and also will likely minimize labor prices after installation. Normally, discoloration or even painting functions about $2 per sq. ft. for outdoor application.

wood shake roof cost

Additional Factors

  • Of all the wood exterior siding choices, shake as well as tile setup is very most expensive in terms of labor costs.
  • Bunches of private parts take much longer to set up than 8-to-16-foot boards or doors.
  • Lumber shake possesses an R-value near 1, coming in at concerning.9. That’s greater than non-insulated components such as hollow-back plastic, or aluminum exterior siding, and also substantially much more than a single coating of stucco, and brick, or even rock laminate.
  • To obtain higher protection, a dual-level of shake will at that point match even protected choices of the above components.
  • Like various other kinds of wood exterior siding, complex components are actually created to reproduce cedar shake house siding. These often tend to be more heavy-duty, a lot longer enduring possibilities that conquer the disadvantages (observe listed below) of shake siding, however do not pretty grab the fundamental elegance of true wood.
  • Since it is hardwood home siding, a knowledgeable handyman can manage installment.
  • For numerous various other house siding options, experts taught exclusively in collaborating with that material are your best option. Along with lumber as a whole, this is certainly not the instance. With a shake, experience is actually better.


  • organic beauty– likely the number one main reason any kind of chooses this product
  • reasonably inexpensive– compared to various other lumber options, more expensive, yet compared to fiber concrete, a little bit less expensive
  • appeal, as well as moderate expense, make for decent ROI. Other hardwood house siding options don’t attain the 80% ROI that cedar shakes consistently standards in the U.S.
  • longevity– withstands rot as well as bugs much better than various other lumbers
  • great to wonderful protection properties

ongoing routine maintenance is actually the significant negative aspect of timber– plan to refinish it every one decade or even additional
unattended timber, or badly kept, will definitely burn instead of conveniently
plus hardwood does at some point rot or dry
while repair work is actually possible, the layering type creates changing individual items rather challenging

Pros and Cons of Shake Exterior Siding
Cedar trembles provide their organic charm to the outside appeal of your house and also are also among the even more heavy-duty forms of hardwood siding. Lots of people appreciate the distinctive appeal of cedar drinks, as well as this item, can likewise provide you with a nice return on investment when it comes to your residence’s value.

While cedar trembles are a desirable look for your house’s house siding, there are a couple of downsides to using this sort of component. Lumber siding of any kind of kind calls for a lot of upkeep to avoid it coming from drying out or even deteriorating. Restoring cedar shake house siding can likewise be difficult in case of any kind of harm. The layering pattern of shakes produces switching out a couple of tough.

When looking at cedar shake siding for your house, bear in mind all of the complying with advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Cedar Shake Home Siding:

  • Appealing and also charming type that includes personality to your home’s exterior
  • Long-lasting, premium kind of lumber
  • Aids to shield your home properly
  • Affordable regarding shake house siding goes

Downsides of Cedar Shake Home Siding:

  • Demands a ton of routine maintenance to stop drying out and rot
  • Complicated to fix parts

One more difference between tiles as well as shakes is the fullness of the reduced side. Hand-split shake parts would sometimes exceed fullness of 1 in.

Due to the fact that of how labor-intensive staining, as well as painting, maybe, it is actually maybe much better to get a pre-stained or even pre-primed shake. While cedar shakes are an eye-catching appearance for your home’s home siding, there are a couple of downsides to using this style of product. Fixing cedar shake home siding may also be actually hard on the occasion of any type of harm.

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