How Does Installing A Cedar Shake Roof Add Natural Beauty To Your Home – 5 Reasons Why

If you would like to give a traditional and natural look to your home then you can achieve it by installing a cedar shake roof. In the market, there are plenty of roofing options available yet this roofing option has been a popular choice for decades. It is an ideal choice and alluring option to let your home look amazing. Learning about this roofing style lets you know why it is highly preferable. Cedar shake roofing is the best alternative for wood shingle roofs since they make use of wooden shingles which were made from split logs.

It is a wise choice as it is suitable for all kinds of homes. The thickness and length of each shingle differ and this gives a special look to the home also they are beautiful and highly durable. It is a perfect choice for those opting for the traditional look and historic homes as well.

Increase The Lifespan Of The Home With A Cedar Shake Roof

Installing cedar shake roofing increases the lifespan of the home by many years. When you are thinking of upgrading or even repairing your home’s roof you need to think of the life span of the new roofing, a cedar shake roof can last at a minimum of 30 years even in the harshes weather conditions. The lifespan of cedar shake roofing will remain only if they are installed and maintained properly. Cedar shake roof maintenance should be done every 2 to 4 years and with this deterioration prevention maintenance can improve the life of cedar shake roof for many years.

Proper maintenance can retain the life of the cedar roof but it may differ depending on the location. The life expectancy of cedar shake roofing locations plays a role as in high humidity areas they age prematurely and this reduces the overall life expectancy of the cedar shake roof. While you desire this roofing style of roofing you also need to give thought to the location also.

As mentioned the location of your home can affect the life span of your roof as a high humidity location can cause the cedar to shake to age prematurely and a wet and windy location can use other problems for your roof such as wearing away the tiles over time quicker than at a more suitable location.

When picking a cedar shake roof you need to think about how long your new roof will last and if you are prepared to replace the shake tiles every 30 years and weather or not you can afford the replacement.

What Is The Difference Between Cedar Shingles And Cedar Shakes?

cedar shake roof

One of the most popular building materials is cedar as it is known for its durability, long lifespan, pleasant aroma, and warm natural coloring which makes cedar the best option for many jobs. Cedar is not only available for roofing as it is used for siding, furniture, decks, and much more.

Installing this outdoors gives a good look as it blends with the landscapes well but when it ages their color fades away yet it can be retained through painting it and this updates its look. The lifespan of a cedar shake roof will remain for many years when it is properly installed and correctly maintained. Compared to other woods cedar is a good choice as it wards off the insects by nature and dries water quickly this helps to avoid water damage.

Cedar is available in two forms for roofing and they are cedar shingles and cedar shakes. Either you prefer a rustic or a more refined look which you prefer you would either pick cedar shingles or cedar shakes depending upon which look you are going for.

The appearance of the cedar shingles looks smooth and offers the ability to completely fit the roof surface entirely giving the roof a nice clean smooth appearance. Cedar shakes have a more rugged look because the look of each piece differs due to the shake coming from split logs making each piece random and unique. Based on how the cedar shakes and cedar shingles are produced their appearance varies. Cedar shingles were smooth on both sides and cut narrowly whereas cedar shakes are split off.

Based on thickness, cedar shakes are a lot thicker than shingles. In the means of durability, cedar shakes are the best as they offer more durability and will last for many more years than shingles. Cedar shakes are thicker and are made from sourcing premium-grade wood. Yet it cant be laid flat on the roof completely so the installers have to install a layer of felt paper in the middle of the courses of shakes to protect the cedar shake roof from wind-blown precipitation.

Pricing of the cedar shake roof

cedar shake roof

Opting for a cedar shake roof to be installed in your home you must know the cost before making the investment. There are multiple options for cedar shake roofing as they are available in different styles. When deciding which style of cedar roof you want you to have a choice of a natural cedar shake roof or synthetic cedar shake roof. Comparatively, synthetic cedar shake roofing cost is quite a bit more affordable than a natural cedar shake roof.

Since the synthetic cedar shake roofing cost may be less it does not have the beauty of natural organic cedar or all the benefits which come from real cedar such as the repellent of insects and the smell of nature. The lifespan of natural cedar is up to 30 years while synthetic will be good for 50 years and more than that. On the basis of cedar shake roof maintenance synthetic will be the best choice as it doesn’t require high maintenance whereas a natural cedar shake roof needs to be treated and cleaned every 4-5 years.

The installation cost of synthetic cedar shake roofing might be high compared to natural cedar shake roofing yet they can be better in many other ways such as having a longer life span. Before making a choice it is good to research cedar shake roofing options which will be helpful.

How Is A Cedar Shake Roof Beneficial?

  • Cedar shake roofing is a highly advantageous roofing option and it is mainly beneficial in the means of aesthetics as they provide an appealing look and long-lasting beauty to the roof.
  • The natural texture and warm colors of the wood of cedar shake give a beautiful appearance. They are more durable and strong as well which makes them withstand rain and never diminishes their shine.
  • In terms of insulation, cedar is the best as it works as a protective barrier and prevents hot weather and cold winds.
  • During summer cedar keeps the home cooler as it is less capable of warming up allowing your house to keep at a nice cool temperature.
  • In the rainy season, they support well in avoiding the penetration on the interiors with cold drafts.
  • Since they are a natural item their quality is unbeatable and their aesthetics are also good which suits well for modern as well as traditional homes too.
  • They have a pleasant fragrance as they give a fresh smell all around that makes the home completely delightful.
  • It is lightweight wood so there won’t be any extra weight added to your home.
  • It can be cut into different shapes so you can get based on the necessity.
  • Termite invasion is a common problem in homes that were built with wood but with a cedar shake roof, you have no need to worry about it as they repel termites and many more insects and pests.

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