A Perfect Guide To Installing Cedar Shingles – 6 Easy Tips

In recent times, installing cedar shingles is becoming very popular and uses an often used roofing material, because of their sustainability benefits as well as natural timber appearance. Cedar shingles are known for their high-quality material, but they are very simple to fit and can be usually done by any professional roofer, particularly if they have the perfect tools. When it comes to installing cedar shingles, here is a step-by-step tutorial cedar shingle installation guide about how to make the shingle roof more efficient.

Non-breathable Caused With 25mm Attics Vents System

Initially, you have to install the continuous rafter roll through a fascia ventilator and felt a support tray to direct the airflow under caused into a roof space. The dress caused down the bottom edge of the felt assist tray and then fixes it by using self-adhesive tape. this is often the first step before installing cedar shingles.

Vapour Absorbent Caused With 25mm Attics Vents System

installing cedar shingles

This procedure does not even need a consistent rafter roll. First of all, you have to install the felt support tray and fix it via a fascia ventilator above a top to the direct airflow in a batten space and also over the underlay as well as under the slates. You should dress an underlay down to the bottom edge of the felt support tray behind over fascia ventilator and fix it by using the self-adhesive tape.

Non-breathable Underlay Battens

The non-breathable underlay does not even require to be counter battened. The place of initial batten must be a batten gauge along with half a thickness of batten. Afterwards, this batten gauge is fully based on the terrain of the roof. After that, a batten gauge is dependent on roof pitch.

VP Triggered With Counter Boards

The vapour permeable underlay always requires being pledged the battened to enable ventilation of a batten space over an underlay and also under the cedar shingles. The place of initial batten must be a batten gauge along with the thickness of a batten.

Setting It Out

installing cedar shingles

After installing cedar shingles, you have to set out an initial course and ensure that there is a least overhang of 38mm at a verge and also either 38mm overhang at eaves. Also, the double course is needed at eaves and a broken bond pattern must be well maintained.


The cedar shingles must always be twice stapled or nailed. You can utilize a 31mmx1.8mm stainless steel ring shank nail. Still, a most-wanted way is to utilize a shingle fix staple with the Paslode gun. In order to prevent spitting and 38mm up from a butt of over, the proper fixings must be placed 19mm in from an edge of the cedar shingle.


When you are installing cedar shingles, there would be no visible roofing batten while installing, and also utilize a chalk lime to highlight the batten place to assist stapling or nailing in a perfect position. You should also maintain a broken bond pattern all over a roof and guarantee a 5mm gap that is left between every cedar shingle.


Once you are reached out to a ridgeline, you will require cutting the shingles to maintain a 125mm gauge and these shingles can be cut with a hand saw or just by using a Stanley blade to notch them. Because of the thickness of shingles beneath, you can utilize a double ridge course. These must be usually fixed with a 45mmx2.65mm nail.

Finishing Touches

You can utilize a similar gauge when the cedar shingles at a ridge to provide a more uniform look. This means that the ridges must be cut when they meet a central point. In order to fasten up the installation process, you can utilize the per-formed ridges and hips.

The Complete Shingle Roof

Finally, you can finish up the cedar shingle roof without any concerns.

Hence, if you are a beginner to install this shingle, you can simply refer to this cedar shingle installation guide that really assists you to complete the whole process more easily and effectively as possible.

What Goes Under Cedar Shingles?

installing cedar shingles

Actually, what goes under cedar shingles? The cedar shingles are the most sophisticated as well as stylish roofing material available these days, which assured to revolve the heads of those who drive down your street. Also, it acts as material ages and moves from bright reddish colours to illustrious grey hue and silver. In addition to matchless natural aesthetics, these cedar shingles also provide a vast array of benefits such as natural conflict, sturdiness, and enhanced energy effectiveness. Apart from its ultimate performance and look, still, these cedar shingles highly rely on an exact roof underlayment as well as better installation tactics to assure the lasting home safeguard, endurance, and demand.

How Much Do You Overlap Cedar Shingles?

The cedar shingles can actually overlap from every corner of the cedar shingle and 4cm over a contact. In order to prevent clipping, it enables 3mm to 6mm space between every shingle for extension based on the grade of clamminess. Along with siding, the cedar shingles joint are regions of minimum resistance to the weather. For this specific reason, the joints must be shocked, so no dual paths have joints overlying any nearer than one and a half inches. With the extraordinary cedar shingle roof, every user should know what goes under cedar shingles exactly. It typically deviates from a standard outside design as well as the material options of your neighbours.

Therefore, cedar shingles are most popular for their stunning natural elegance as well as exceptional long-term functionality. Still, the enduring efficiency of your cedar roof will be massively determined by what kind of underlayment is installed beneath the cedar shingles. Whenever you wish to know the installation procedure, you can simply go through the above tutorial guide about installing cedar shingles and then finish up your process simple. With an accurate cedar roof underlayment, you can reduce the updrafts that could fire to penetrate the roofing materials, avoid moisture and enhance household lining and other dangerous factors from entering your house.

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