The ultimate guide to installing the wood shake roof for your home

When it comes to the shake roof, they were popular first in colonial America. Most of them are made using wooden materials because it is a highly practical material to use for commercial and residential buildings. If you are considering the typical version of the shake style roofing, it was basically made by splitting the log, and also the shakes are also called shingles for a longer time. Both the wood shake roof and wood shingles are the same with only slight differences. Shakes are a type of shingle used on the top of the roof for providing extreme weather protection. As compared to the traditional roofing methods with the normal wood shingles, the wooden shakes are really great and excellent options to gain more benefits as follows.

Roofing has made lots of changes for your home and there are more numbers of roofing options currently available in the market. The wood shakes are also like the traditional wooden shingles in order to protect the complete weather protection to your house. The modern house owners who are always looking to complement their rustic style houses or cottages must need to look at the excess of modern shake roof options existing to them.

How to use a wood shake roof?

shake roof

When it comes to the shakes for your roofing, there are both high-grade and low-grade shakes existing currently in the market. The low-grade shakes are generally being used for siding whereas the high-grade shakes are being used for home roofing purposes. In any situation, properly arranged and installed shakes give you a rustic aesthetic look and long-lasting weather protection, although they need extensive maintenance as compared to other types of modern weatherproofing systems. A lot of house owners are also considering wood shingles for their homes. But when making a comparison between them, the shake roof in the wooden material is always the best choice than the wooden shingles. Both these options can be used for siding or roofing styling in order to change the entire architecture of your house. If you are analyzing the benefits and other options of these shakes and shingles, the wooden shake is always suitable for the look and style of your modern house. The shakes are always ideal to match the natural scenery around your house and easily resting the top of both ranch-style and traditional houses.

Finding the advantages of shake roof:

  • If the house owners are very much interested in providing your house capturing attention and character, the wood shakes for roofing might be the best match for you.
  • They actually require widespread manufacturing & also installation process in order to ensure your home will be well protected and covered from all types of elements.
  • The rustic appearance is very common with the shake-styled roof that helps to improve the traditional aspects of the exterior portion of your home or highlight the Victorian period mansion.
  • Between each shake, the felt is installed and each tile will frequently be up to one inch in thickness in order to offer your siding or roof additional secure padding.
  • Another main benefit of the shake roof with the wooden material is how durable they are. They will give you a higher level of stability and life to your roofing or siding.
  • The house owners who wish to make your house survive for several years should need to consider the teak shake which will give you lifelong protection for up to 80 years.
  • Wallaba wood shake is also another durable option providing your house security and strength for up to 60 years lifespan.

You can also go for the cedar wood shake for roofing for getting the same kind of lifespan and other benefits.

How long does a cedar shake roof last?

shake roof

Based on the style you select, the cedar wood shake roof provides a customized or rustic look for the exterior portion of your home. With the tonal range which includes reds, ambers, browns, and also golds, cedar is the highest naturally beautiful kind of roofing which also gives long-lasting practical advantages. They can be used in both commercial and residential properties in any part of the world. This type of roofing usually exists in different formats such as hip & ridge units, shakes, and shingles. If you are considering the lifespan of the wooden shakes for your roofing, you can expect them to last up to 30 years if it is properly installed and maintained. The following are the most considerable benefits of cedar shakes for your house or commercial building roofs. They include,

  • Resistance to the elements
  • Dimensional stability
  • Strength
  • Workability
  • Architecturally enhancing appearance
  • Insulating

Maintenance of the cedar wood shake roof:

Whenever the house owners are installing the cedar shake roof, it should require timely and routine maintenance from your side. The steps involved in the maintenance of the wood shakes include inspection, treatments, cleaning, and also repair. All these steps will surely protect your investment in the shakes better for at least 30 years or more. Don’t neglect the roof because it will decrease its aesthetic value and longevity. Due to the complexity of the cedar roofing maintenance and working on the roof, it is crucial to hire a professional roofing repair or maintenance contractor. When it comes to the maintenance of the cedar roof shake, the following are the essential steps involved. They include,

  • Protective treatments
  • Removing debris
  • Remove overhanging branches
  • Gutter maintenance
  • Power washing
  • Pest control
  • Cleaning & inspection
  • Rotting shingles
  • Cracks

From among the several manufacturers and suppliers of cedar shake roofs, it is crucial to choose the best and reliable brand for your requirements. Such a top-rated brand will definitely give you natural-looking and the most beautiful cedar shakes which will last several decades with only a little necessity for maintenance and repairs.

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